Video's, Workouts & More

Check out Luz doing bent over row with great form!

Check out this great video of my client smashing Deadlifts & sporting a JWF t-shirt! 

Check out Luz doing amazing 16kg Kettlebell Squats.

Check out Alice & her hard-core leg session! you will not regret watching! 

Check out Emma's 2 week testimonial & see how she feels since starting!

Check out Becky's 25lbs push ups! 

Check out this great video of Alice's session. 

Check out this great leg day super set, ideal for building your bum! 

Becky's 42kg chest press & 5kg Front raise super-set!

Check out this awesome boxing team, doing a hard-core combination!

Back day workout with Sophie! Face-pulls to help strengthen the upper back & helps with posture. 

Check out this fun way to make dips a bigger challenge! 

Dips, dips & more dips with my client Emma!

Check out Emma doing straight leg deadlifts. 

Check out this great video of Dawn doing pull ups!