I started with Joel because I had heard such great things about his classes he takes at the gym he is based in. as for the sessions they were always fun and still a great challenge at the same time I absolutely loved them! I am also thrilled at what I have achieved while with Joel I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their fitness and change their lives!

 Patricia Duffy, 31


Joel has been my PT for over a year now and I can honestly say that my fitness and body have drastically changed. My goals were to lose approx 10lbs and reduce a dress size which I have more than achieved! It is safe to say I plan to continue with the sessions and with his motivation, encouragement and help I am positive I will contine to progress. I would not hesitate to recommend Joel to anyone that is looking for a positive change to their bodies, minds and lifestyles.

 Alice Lloyd 22


In July 2016 I started personal training with Joel. One of his clients recommended him and advised me to do a taster session. I know Joel from his fun and challenging classes but I have achieved so much more in the personal trainer sessions then I could ever do with just going to regular classes. My initial goal was to loose a bit of weight and tone up overall. In 2 to 3 months I have lost 5 kg (11 pounds) and one dress size. Since January this year I have adjusted my goal to focus more on strenght. I am now trying to get as strong as I can get within 4 months. Since January my squats have gone form 55 to 70 Kg! The sessions consist of back, chest and leg workouts. I have pt twice a week. Joel is flexible in his hours and able to work around my shift work. I find it important that going to the gym is something I like to do and Joel makes sure there are enough moments for laughter. There is a good balance between working hard and laughing lots.(Free ab workout!) Joel taught me that

 Christa Buijis, 25


I started with Joel after getting the opportunity to have a free month of sessions! I achieved so much more in that month than I thought that I could, and have consequently continued pt sessions twice a week. My goals since starting were to improve my form when doing exercises and to tone and strengthen overall. The advice Joel has given makes me a lot more confident when lifting weights and doing certain exercises and the motivation he gives has made me achieve my current PB of 85kg deadlift squats, which I am super happy with. I have noticed a massive difference in my body shape already since I began my sessions and I generally feel a lot better overall. Now Joel knows what I can lift on the gym floor he always encourages me to use heavier weights in the regular classes, this is good as I am still pushed to my limits in the classes. The pt sessions are fun and enjoyable there’s a lot to laugh about but just as challenging and I really enjoy them! I am really happy with my progress

Alice Hancock 24


Before personal training with Joel we had very little confidence in using gym equipment and in knowing how to train in order to progress. Since our personal training sessions, we have both learned how to make the best use of the gym equipment and what muscle groups we are working when we do specific exercises. He has pushed us to the absolute limit and worked us harder than we ever knew we could work! We have noticed the benefits; increased strength, looking more toned, and feeling more healthy. As we train together, Joel was able to adhere the exercises to our individual levels of strength and ability, and was able to work both of our goals into the sessions. It also added an element of competition between us which helped push us even more! Joel is a fun, friendly personal training, making training seem more fun and less like hard work!

Judy & James


I was lucky enough to win a month of free PT sessions with Joel after subscribing to his website at the end of 2018. Although I had done some classes with Joel previously and was really looking forward to doing some PT I was still really nervous walking to that first session. I needn’t have worried though as Joel made me feel comfortable right from the start. The sessions were fun, challenging and really effective. After just four weeks I have noticed an impressive increase in my strength and couldn’t be happier. I was unlucky to suffer an injury outside of the PT but Joel was really helpful in helping me to train through it and aid my recovery. I really can’t recommend Joel highly enough, he will help you reach your fitness goals with a smile on your face.



Before I started personal training with Joel I would stick to the same area of the gym, completing the same exercises and using only the machines I was comfortable on. Now I feel much more confident in what I’m doing at the gym and I know more exercises to target different muscle groups. Joel pushed me to lift weights much heavier than I expected I could lift and as hard as the sessions have been, I’ve really enjoyed them! Thank you!!!

Amy Zofia


Joel is a brilliant personal trainer. I trained with him for three weeks, whilst house sitting and I really saw a difference. The main thing for me was not feeling intimidated in the weights section, and learning how and why weights and reps work. I never thought I’d say it but deadlifts are now part of my routine. A big thanks to getting me back on track and I will certainly be booking in when I’m back in your neck of the woods for a refresher (AKA KILLER) session.

Sophie Mills- Thomas 


I’ve been training with Joel for 6 weeks now and I can honestly say I am loving the results! He is super knowledgeable, super friendly and has helped me come a long way from the couch potato I was. He has taught me a lot about how to challenge my body and he always gives me that push and encouragement when I *think* I can’t do something. I’m looking forward to continuing my progress and smashing my fitness goals with his help. (Update of 12 weeks) I’ve just completed another 6 weeks (for a total of 12 weeks now) and I am absolutely noticing and loving my results! Friends, family members and fellow gym enthusiasts are also noticing I’ve really slimmed down and toned up. Joel is really helping me crush these goals! I feel more energetic, and am especially conscious of what I am eating and how it can impact my workouts. I love the extra push Joel gives me and when I think I can’t or am not strong enough, he’s there to give me the gentle but firm reminder that I can, will and do!

Natasha Anderson