Terms & Conditions


T&Cs of JustWantFitness

1. All payments must be paid in full and up front, either by direct debit, standing orders or bank transfer 48 hours before first session.

 2. I reserve the right to reschedule sessions if or as necessary. 

 3. Sessions will be upto but not exceeding 60 minutes.

  4. Any cancelled sessions without prior notice or reason will not be redeemed.

  5. No refunds for missed sessions.

  6. Sessions are to be booked in advance as based on the website details.

 7. Photos & Videos may be taken of the sessions for promotional use on social media, posters, flyers etc.

  8. You agree & understand sessions are on a first come basis . 

9. You understand by using and booking through this website that you agree to all terms and conditions set by just want fitness.

10. A testimonial must be submitted when asked for or at the end of a month as well as a selfie along side.

11. 5 stamp redeem cards have to be redeemed before starting a new card. 

12. Redeem service is only available to card holders.

13. I reserve the right to cancel the session if over 20 minutes late without prior notification, valid reason or contact of any form.

14. The extra £5 Paypal Fee is used to cover PayPals sending Fee, this is in place so the full price of the service is pain in full. If you do not wish to pay the extra fee please do not use PayPal